Billionaire Life Successfully Makes Bankrupt Casino

Billionaire Life Successfully Makes Bankrupt Casino

Sbobet777 – Kerry Packer is a successful and wealthy businessman who has a unique hobby, namely playing blackjack. Kerry is very skilled in playing blackjack, as evidenced by his name that is feared by many casinos in Las Vegas because his ability to play blackjack is no doubt, Kerry managed to win with a total of US $ 57 million in MGM Casino from baccarat games and blackjack. The news became the hottest news because Kerry Packer almost made the casino bankrupt because of the victory he won. One interesting thing from Kerry Packer is that he is able to play gambling even better when he is drunk.

Kerry Packer is a Famous Entrepreneur in Australia

Kerry Packer himself is a successful entrepreneur with abundant wealth because he is the heir to a well-known print media company, namely the Australian Consolidated Press and Nine Network, Kerry Packer was listed as the largest shareholder in Publishing and Broadcasting Limited and many other businesses that he runs. In addition to the amount of his wealth is very large, Kerry also has extraordinary courage when playing gambling, Kerry placed a bet in a very extreme amount, so that when he experienced victory, Kerry was able to make the casino go bankrupt or at least suffer losses for a full year. Kerry is famous for being very good at blackjack games, so he earned the nickname the Legend in the blackjack game. Until now there has been no gambling player who can beat a record of victory or defeat record like Kerry Packer, because there are no other players like Kerry who can afford up to US $ 300 thousand for a year or maybe more just for one round of the game.

End of the Life Story of Kerry Packer

Because of his love of gambling, Kerry often bet even with his business partners, at that time, Kerry Packer had bet 129 million US Dollars through coin tossing games. At that time, Kerry’s colleague, an oil investor from Texas, said that he was worth 60 million US dollars, and Kerry Packer challenged the investor by casually issuing a coin immediately saying “choose tail or choose head?” To challenge him to risk his entire wealth.

But unfortunately, in 2005, exactly a few days after his 68th birthday, Kerry Packer breathed his last due to kidney failure in his suffering. It’s ironic, isn’t it, with all his wealth and his enormous business empire, his wealth can’t help cure his illness, his wealth can’t go against God’s direction over one’s life span. From Kerry Packer we learn, that in the heavens there is still a sky, even though we have abundant wealth, God is the creator and governs our lives and the world and its contents, we still believe and surrender to God, so that every step we make good and beneficial for others.

Online Casino Becomes an Alternative Choice

But for now if we want to try our luck at the casino, you don’t need to go far to Las Vegas, Macau, Singapore or Malaysia to play. Currently only with a smartphone we can play online casino at home without having to pay to go to other people’s countries. Choose trusted online gambling sites in Indonesia so you can feel comfortable playing there. Immediately register yourself to get an ID and can immediately start playing.

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