Sbobet777 – Each country has different views and rules regarding gambling, some countries legalize gambling very clearly, but some other countries actually forbid gambling from circulating in its country. Of course, each country has their own reasons why they do not legalize gambling in their country, whether it has a negative impact on the running of government or has a negative impact on the quality of the human resource sector or other things which of course each country has its own views and decisions. Which countries are prohibiting gambling activities in their countries, let’s discuss this article.

Although this country does not question the population to conduct gambling activities, wherever and whenever, but when the Taliban government occupied Afghanistan, the situation changed drastically and the government strictly forbids all forms of gambling. However, even though the government prohibits gambling activities, residents still do it secretly and covertly by conducting underground gambling. Because of their limited space, the only type of gambling that can be done is dice gambling or animal betting. Even though America has succeeded in overthrowing Thaliban’s defense because the Thaliban allegedly hid Osama Bin Laden, but until now gambling in Thaliban is still strictly prohibited.

This country only allows one type of gambling that can be played, namely Lottery. This neighboring country of China and India will punish gamblers who play gambling other than the lottery, because lottery gambling is the only type of game legalized in this country, so if you visit Bhutan, you shouldn’t be surprised if you only can play the lottery there.

Cayman Islands. This country is very small, in the form of an island aimed at the interests of tourism and business, its tax income is quite large, but unfortunately gambling is not legalized here. Although the sentence in the Cayman Islands is fairly lax, it still remains, for those who are caught gambling will be subject to a fine of US $ 10 dollars maximum or a prison sentence of up to two years.

As a country with a majority Muslim population, and upholds the life guidelines of the holy book of the Koran, this country clearly prohibits all forms of gambling, because gambling is strictly forbidden in their religion and beliefs. Even so, underground gambling is still being carried out by a group of people who are already addicted to playing gambling. So if you visit Pakistan, make sure you don’t try to gamble, because the punishment is quite heavy.

If Pakistan is filled with a majority Muslim population, then in the Vatican the majority of the population are Catholics who uphold religious values ​​and this environment is very closed so that it can be said there are almost no gambling activities or cases in this country.

The last is Indonesia. Indonesia once tasted gambling legalized through lottery games during the reign of former president Suharto. However, the promises given by the government did not go smoothly according to what was aspired and promised because the lottery funds that had reached hundreds of billions were lost without a trace, making gambling immediately closed and stated in a strictly banned in Indonesia since then. But even though gambling has been banned and forbidden in Indonesia since then, gambling is still often found in remote areas in Indonesia, of course this is illegal gambling and if it is carried out by the authorities there is a punishment awaiting.

That’s the 6 countries that prohibit gambling activities in their country, so if you want to take a vacation while playing gambling, make sure you avoid the 6 countries above, because you won’t find gambling activities or places there. So if you want to take a vacation while still playing gambling, you should download or play gambling through trusted online gambling sites, which are proven to be safe and fun.

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