Tips on How to Become a Good Bookie

Tips on How to Become a Good Bookie

Sbobet777 – A dealer is a term for a person, company or group that has activities to collect products of a certain value. Example:

A rice dealer means he is the person who collects rice stocks from farmers to be sold later

Internet quota dealer, means he is a person who has an internet quota stock which is then sold to the public

A gambling dealer is a person, company or group that collects public funds who want to bet gambling to be played in gambling games


On this occasion we will discuss is a bookie, becoming a bookie is not easy. Indeed, the income can be large, but the risk he has is also high, such as he is being targeted by the police because gambling is considered to be illegal and at risk of going to prison, the target of taxation because he has income but cannot explain how we can get income. , so the target of others who are jealous, do not like or have evil intentions because they know you are a bookie, not to mention the risk of your identity as a bookie leaking to the public, all of that is a risk that must be considered, not necessarily have a sense of calm

But if you still choose to be a bookie, because from the beginning you were eyeing an attractive income then you must be prepared with all the risks. If you have made a choice, then live that choice as best you can, as much as possible. If you have chosen to be a city, then do that profession as well as possible and as much as possible

Tips for becoming a bookie

The following are tips on what can help you become a successful bookie:

Capital, of course we need capital and the amount of capital needed, you can set your own budget

Good marketing, to be a successful bookie, of course we have to be able to promote well what fields we do or what products we sell, in this case, bookies of soccer gambling. Of course we need Connections, Friends and Community from our own environment
Why is that, because if it is known or widespread if we are bookies can backfire for ourselves in the future

Mastering material about the fur system in soccer, the fur system in soccer betting is one of the rather complicated systems. Because in a soccer betting system for many variable counts, if we miscalculate we can lose a lot.

Backingan, there needs to be people who have at least legal power or have connections to legal channels. Take care that if we deal with the law, we will not be in trouble later

Personal and work phone cannot be combined, have at least two smartphones. One is only for families and the other is for work. Do not mix so as not to bother later

The ability to see and judge others well. In the sense of the word, we can at least know whether this person is good or not, whether the danger is or not by mouth, meaning that speech can be held and the mouth does not leak everywhere and in money, the intention is not to be deceived in financial matters

Must have a reserve savings, just in case if the business that we run the results are not as expected

Have several locations other than the house to live, the intention is to guard if something happens that can threaten our security, we can retreat while hiding in the dwellings that we have previously chosen as an alternative place to live

The family is not involved, the intention is that while carrying out this work we should not involve other family members, such as wife or children. The goal is not to let something happen to us, our wife and children are also dragged into it

Those are the points that if practiced can make us as a city can be even better, even though the points above are not standard we can adjust them to our individual condition. If you don’t want to be a bookie for gambling, just want to be a gambling player, you can visit our online gambling site, sbobet88, there will get lots of interesting offers and a wide selection of gambling games. What are you waiting for, register yourself immediately with us on sbobet88. You can also directly become a small-time gambling agent by finding players and taking referrals every week.

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